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The P.A. manual

  • Practical introduction to the professional sound systems
  • Detailed, easy to understand and practice-oriented.
  • All aspects of public address systems are addressed in the book
  • The first focus is on important acoustic and electrotechnical principles, followed by a detailed explanation of the individual components of a P.A.
  • In addition to the large systems for festivals and concert halls, small systems and vocal systems are also described in detail, since most of the music events take place on a smaller scale
  • Tips for the maintenance and modification of P.A.s and a large practical section complete the book
  • Supplemented by audio examples on CD
  • The P.A. Manual is a standard work for all those who want to work professionally with PA systems, whether beginners or experienced P.A.-professionals
  • The present third edition has been fundamentally revised and updated according to the latest state of technology
  • Pocket book in a practical DIN A5 format
  • 5. Revised edition
  • ISBN 978-3-910098-46-6
  • 467 Pages
  • In German language
  • Includes CD with audio samples

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