Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar

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Effects pedal

Electro Harmonix has been well known for decades for their innovative and affordable guitar effects. With the Ravish Sitar Effects Pedal you can craft a sitar from your electric guitar. Such attempts have already been made, but on the whole the sound has often been limited to a sort of chirping ... somehow similar but far away from the real thing.

The Ravish comes pretty close to the sitar sound. Lead strings and sympathetic strings can be controlled separately, and two expression pedal inputs allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the volume of the sympathetic strings simultaneously. It really has to be heard to be believed!

  • Sitar emulator
  • Polyphonic lead sitar voice
  • 9 Presets
  • Knobs for Dry, Lead, Sympathetic, Lead, Sympathic Mode/Preset
  • Preset switch
  • Bypass switch
  • Main out and Sympathetic Out
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 145 x 64 mm
  • Incl. power supply (9.6 DC-200)

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