DiMarzio DP 155FCR The Tone ZONE

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The DiMarzio Tone Zone with F-spacing (Floyd Rose vibrato) is a really loud humbucker, which teaches also weak amps to sing and scream. To ensure that the sound can still be achieved at high gain, it produces a convincing overtone spectrum, which is almost a bit like an open wah-wah pedal, but without the typical restricted sound of this possibility, especially used in former times, to make lead sounds more assertive. This is ensured by the not too tight basses and mids, which are already a fat sound. Full power at the bridge without muddy artifacts!

  • "Tone Zone" humbucker
  • F-Spaced
  • Bass, mids and treble boost
  • Fat overtone-rich sound
  • Colour: Cream

Asystent sprzedaży: Gitary

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