EMG KH20 Kirk Hammet

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Complete Pickup Set

Active pickups in electric guitars: this is where opinions split. But even sceptics have to admit one thing: the EMG pickups sound fantastic, even without background noise, and the long list of prominent users (including David Gilmour, Steve Lukather and Metallica's Kirk Hammett) speaks for itself!

Metallica's lead guitarist Kirk Hammett had EMG design the complete electronics onto a pickguard to correspond precisely to his ideas. In this case, it is the variant for his main guitar with a humbucker at the bridge and 2 single coils. This is now available for purchase, and it allows all pieces to be played with a versatile, modern sound. The EMG 81 is installed at the bridge: nowadays this is known as the Kirk Hammett pickup as the Metallica lead guitarist has this on almost all of his guitars. Razor sharp attack (particularly important - albeit rare - with a high-output pickup) and a long sustain, which makes it ideal for crisp, packed lead lines and furious artistry on the guitar.

The neck and middle positions boast an EMG S. This pickup, with its ceramic magnets, produces a more modern Strat sound with a little more oomph in the upper-mids and treble. This makes powerful, brilliant sounds possible but ensures that they still always sound pleasant. A combination that leaves practically no wish ungranted.

  • Ready-wired on a white pearloid pickguard
  • Black potentiometer knobs
  • Pickups: S/S/81
  • 5-Way toggle switch
  • Volume control and tone control

Attention: Depending on the manufacturer, remodelling may be necessary!


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