Fischer Amps Battery Box 8x Mignon /AA

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Battery storage box

  • 8x Mignon/AA
  • THE practical storage box for rechargeable batteries
  • No more mutual discharge
  • Protects the battery from excessive wear
  • Pluggable (also to other battery box sizes)
  • Includes adhesive label
  • Batteries not included!

Notes on disposal: Due to the current battery law, you are obliged as the end consumer to return all used batteries and accumulators. Disposal with household waste is not permitted! Batteries that contain hazardous substances are marked with a crossed dustbin and with the chemical symbol (Cd = cadmium; Hg = mercury; Pb = lead) for the contained hazardous heavy metal. Used- and rechargeable batteries can be returned free of charge in store, at other points of sale for batteries, or at officially designated public points for disposal management.


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