Moeck 8421 Tenor Renaissance

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Tenor Renaissance Consort Recorder

The Renaissance models are reconstructions based on instruments in the collections of the Hofburg museum in Vienna. This famous Viennese collection contains a large number of well-preserved renaissance recorders, which are predominantly single pieces, that is, constructured from just the one piece of wood.

Deviating somewhat from the originals, Moeck has had the headpiece and the lower joint furnished with tenons that are connected by a brass ring. The reference pitch is 440 Hz (another deviation from the original pitch of approx. 460 Hz), which can be slightly adjusted by the brass ring that links the tenons.

The fingerings here are also different to the customary Baroque fingerings on recorders. Moeck advises to opt for the originals (R), but also offer instruments with Baroque fingerings (B). Moreover, if desired, Moeck can tune the instrument for you to meantone temperament which, when using the original fingerings, will make ensemble playing far easier. The meantone temperament supports (where applicable), the intonation of pure major thirds.

The people at Moeck take special care that the individual recorders blend well together and cannot be singled out by their sound or volume. The instruments have a range of an octave and a sixth.

Moeck Renaissance consort recorders are made from dark stained maple and are treated with linseed oil. Especially in the early days of use with the instrument, frequent re-oiling of the inner bore is necessary until the required saturation of the wood is achieved.

  • Renaissance fingering
  • Comes in a solid case
  • Includes a care kit

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