Sabian 10" HHX Evolution Splash

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Splash CymbalThe HHX evolution series was developed in collaboration with Dave Weckl.

  • Series HHX Evolution
  • Size: 10"
  • Machine-hand hammered
  • Sabian Tone Projection
  • Fast, sensitive response
  • Highly fast-responsive splash
  • With bright, fast assertiveness

With the HHX evolution series, developed in cooperation with Top Drummer Dave Weckl, Sabian has succeeded in producing interesting cymbal sounds for conventional models (hi-hats, crash, ride) as well as for the effect cymbals (Splash, and in particular the O Zone Crash and Effect Crash models)

The new HHX line of the Evolution models is characterized by excellent dynamics and fast response, as well as warm and present fundamental tone. The effect cymbals convince with their individual and characteristic sound images, which should be interesting for drummers as well as percussionists. With regard to musical fields of application, many areas are conceivable, as long as particularly high volumes are not required (... and what microphones ultimately there for?). In terms of production Sabian's well-known high level of quality of is evident to see and our review models proved to be reliable and impeccably manufactured in our test.

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